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Over the span of a few years, you have known the skilled technicians at Master Garage Door Service as your go-to option for your residential and commercial garage door services in the Medway, MA community. You have trusted us with replacing, fixing and installing your doors. For years, we have provided you with quality at very fair prices.

For our clients, we try to strike a balance so your garage door can be both safe, secure and looks great. We appreciate that the garage door is an extension of your home and therefore, not only must it be properly installed, but it must provide adequate security. Our clients can only link one name to trust, efficiency and reliability and that’s ours.

Our Professional Staff

By being staff at Master Garage Door Service, our technicians carry our badge of excellence and go to great lengths to make sure our clients are happy with the services they get. They realize that with them, they carry a long standing reputation of brilliance. Master Garage Door Service pride itself in having truly loyal servicemen.

Unlike the competition, qualification and experience are 2 of our guiding hiring principles. We train our technicians to be competent at all the tasks assigned to them. All the technicians at Master Garage Door Service has an air of confidence that they can and will carry out any garage door repairs and maintenance tasks.

People have used a Do-It-Yourself attitude in fixing their garage doors, and the results are not always 100% fulfilling. Sometimes, they leave their garage doors in a worse state. Modern garage doors are all built differently, with some very minute details that make them require special attention. Most people fail to realize this, and they end up with a bad door. Our technicians are well equipped to not only service your door easily, but they take the least bit of time to allow you to continue with your day-to-day activities.

Ready for Anything

Because we are always ready for anything, we are equipped with an array of the best spare garage door parts and garage door lift apparatus. All our parts are sourced only from the best parts manufacturers. Our garage door accessories range from stock brackets and door struts to remotes, receivers, and monitors. There is not one part of a garage door that you might need that we do not have. For any unique needs, we have the best sources from which to procure.

Garage doors are mechanical; they will experience problems. These problems can happen at any time and cause entry problems. For that reason, our technicians are always on standby to handle a stuck or wrecked garage door. Furthermore, we can create emergency keys for when you need your car but cannot have access due to a bad door. Our technicians prevent you from the added frustration that comes with a Fix-it-yourself fail. With the Master Garage Door Service name, you can be assured that the history we have cultivated with you will continue to thrive. Whenever you need us, we do not disappoint.

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