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Master Garage Door Service Medway, MA 508-861-2172If it’s a garage door, we can fix it. The experts at Master Garage Door Service install overhead garage doors with ease. While experts at other companies around the Medway, MA find it difficult to install all sort of makes and models since they are not technically trained. We pay attention to striking equilibrium between pocket-consciousness and functionality. With that balance, we can achieve protection for your garage interior against weather elements. Our designs have earned us an unshakeable reputation for having an eye for quality.

We have fused talents and diversity to form a healthy cohesion. Our collective experience in the garage door industry has been essential in offering our clients the best possible solutions. Based on that assurance, our clients have continued to feel safer when they let us handle their needs.

When you want to keep an eye and ear to the traffic coming in and out of your residence, we can install automatic motion detectors that let you know when is within proximity of your garage. For those moments when the power supply is unstable, we assist you by installing a backup system that runs your garage doors. Our cars are fully equipped with the most advanced garage door systems and accessories.